International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV)

Let`s draft the future of PV together!


All topics throughout the value chain were divided into three areas: materials, processes, and products. Data was collected from the participating companies and processed anonymously by VDMA. The participating companies jointly agreed that the results reported in this roadmap publication. All plotted data points of the parameters reported are median values generated from the input data.

As stated above, the topics are split into three areas: materials, processes, and products. Here, we address issues linked to crystallization, wafers, cells, modules, and PV systems for each of these areas respectively.


Data collection

It has been essential to gather data for the roadmap. The participating companies active along the value chain from crystallization to the building of modules jointly agreed on the parameters to be reported in the roadmap publication. Data preparation is done anonymously by summarizing the input of each company. The expected trends are shown in graphs and for some parameters color marking is used to indicate the maturity of the technology today. All parameters are median values and answers are given based on data from the latest generation production line.

The annual questionnaires are jointly developped by all team members and therefore significance for the development of photovoltaic technology is guaranteed. Please click here to view a sample questionnaire.

VDMA will always ensure the data protection of the individual company feedback - personal non-disclosure agreements can be setup and collected questionnaires will be deleted after 3 months.